My wife had the opportunity to speak on our local news today. Click here for the link to the video. In addition, below are further thoughts my wife shared on her social media platforms about teaching children about differences. If anyone is wondering, we share the same views. 🙂

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“A lot of us (arguably MOST of us) are angry – as we should be. Skin color should not define any man, woman or child. Racism is wrong. Prejudice is wrong. Discrimination is wrong. Hate is wrong. If you want to do something but you aren’t sure where to start – start at home. These values are learned, so talk about them. Teach your kids to be better. To do better. To love better. Put language to it that they’ll understand so they know how to identify it and address it. It doesn’t have to be one big conversation – find ongoing teachable moments. Point it out when you see it and discuss why it’s wrong. Be age appropriate but honest. It’s not an adult conversation. We do our kids a disservice by not addressing big things with them. Teach them resilience. Teach them hope. Teach them love. Teach them to stand up for what they value.

I had the opportunity to talk about this on the morning news today (link below) in my professional capacity. If you want some other ideas on how to work towards change with your kids, here are some ideas:

1. Intentionally put them in situations where they spend time with people who are different than them (different races, physical abilities, religions, intelligence, etc)
2. Intentionally read books with lead characters who are different than them
3. Intentionally watch TV shows with characters who are different than them
4. Put them in extracurricular activities or sports with kids of all colors and backgrounds

We often silence our children when they point out differences in others. Pretending there aren’t differences doesn’t help. Instead, try acknowledging differences, even calling attention to them yourself, then talk about why differences are good and exciting. Change starts at home. Talk about it. Be the difference.”

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